Camp Dugi otok


BUS Informations

Bus terminal Zadar
tel: +385 23 211 035
Bus terminal Zagreb
tel: +385 60 313 333

Ship informations

By daily ship line Zadar-Sali-Zaglav
By daily ferry line Zadar-Brbinj
Jadrolinija - Zadar agency
tel: +385 23 250 555

Plane informations

Zadar Airport

Arriving informations

Leave the highway at the exit "ZADAR II" and drive streight to ferry port Gaženica. The ferryboat will take you to the town of Brbinj on the middle of Dugi otok island. From Brbinj turn left and follow the signs for town "SALI" untill you see a sign for "LUKA". Take a turn in Luka and after 50meters you will see a sign for "KAMP DUGI OTOK".
And you made it!

If you are coming without a car, you can reach Dugi otok by a boat or katamaran (fast boat) from Zadar( Tickets and all informations about the boat or karamaran (fast boat) will be provided at the G&V-line ), which will take you to the town of ZAGLAV on Dugi otok island, where a bus will be waiting when you get down the boat or katamaran(fast boat). You will reach LUKA sign and KAMP DUGI OTOK in about 10 minutes by bus.

Taxi Service: